Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why I'm Not Blogging About Heroes Anymore.

That's right, faithful reader. I've reached the end of my stick with writing about this show but before I go, a few parting shots:
  • You know things have gone awry when I'm rooting for Sylar to kill the Typhoid Twins.
  • What's the point of Sylar anyway? He has essentially been reset to season one Sylar, trying to get his powers back up.
  • Speaking of reset, this show as too many characters and stories back at square one
    • Peter is trying to figure out his powers
    • There is a dystopian future he must prevent
    • Issac's paintings are the key even though he's been dead for 5 plus months storywise and despite his spell of no input due to not being high, we're too believe he painted at least 7 more future laden clues before Sylar ate his brain
    • Mohinder trusts the wrong guy
  • Mohinder is the symbol for everything I hate about this show right now. His character is so dumb it is beyond comprehension. I remember how happy I was when I thought Sylar killed him last season.
  • I don't care about Claire trying to fit into a new school or her new stalker boyfriend.
  • What do you do with your best and most popular character (and Emmy-nominated actor)? You separate him from the rest of the cast and give him his own lame storyline.
  • As much as I hated the "Save the Cheerleader, Save The World" campaign, at least it showed that the story was going somewhere. This year, I have no clue what the hell is going on.
  • H.R.G. is the only interesting character on the show.
  • Given how great and exciting "Five Years Later" was in season one, isn't it clear the producers should have let Peter blow up New York?
I'm going to keep watching but I just can't muster up the energy to write about this show.

Countdown to Lost begins now


ms-c said...

ICAM about your Heroes comments. Loved *loved* LOVED it last season. Even when it wasn't great, it was still good, and it made me keep watching. I remember abruptly standing and declaring 'this show is car-azy awesome' every Monday night at 9:59. Now? I'd rather fold laundry and vacuum (and I loathe vacuuming) than be stuck watching it for an entire hour. Since Sylar is now pure useless, can he and the Wonder Twins please kill each other off (*sobs* as she remembers the brilliant scene between Sylar and his mommy from last season)? 'Claire - don't care' has become my latest mantra. Mohinder? gah! Just get killed already (to think I was crushing on you 12 short months ago). That Irish chick? die! die! die! (along with that dumbass storyline) MyHiro? Can I care less about what's going on in feudal Japan? And poor Nathan Petrelli has subscribed to the Ron Moss School of Dramatic Expression, relying on a proliferation of facial follicles to let us know he's in mourning. And you can't blame him, 'cause the writing suuuuuuucks! Maybe I'm bitter because this show had so much promise and now it's gone. Maybe it's because Season 2 of LOST pissed me off, and based on how shite-laden season 3 was, I don't hold out much hope for Heroes' third time around the block. Maybe it's because Chuck is looking way 'smarter' than Heroes at this moment. Maybe it's because I'm terrified Tim Kring has another show in the works, and is suffering the same inability to multitask that brought down J.J. Abrams, Joss Whedon and Chris Carter and their respective shows. Sadly, I just want Heroes gone - and I can't believe I'm wishing that already.

Brother Afron said...

This link may make you feel a bit better about your Heroes thoughts:

neo said...

Not to mention the whole "three weeks ago" "three months earlier" crap they keep pulling.

Why do we have to keep going back to go forward, I don't understand? Looks like they're running out of ideas for heroes and stuff..and the chick with electricity is lame...

Tystarr said...

Lol I feel you on this post most definitely. I heard the creator is going to bring it back to its greatness next season though. STAY TUNED!