Monday, October 01, 2007

Heroes Season Two: "Lizards"

Has Mohinder learned some new tricks? Will Peter remember who gave him the haircut he badly needed?

Here are my randumb thoughts on episode two:
  • You find a guy who can shoot shit out his hands and you're looking for iPods.
  • How did they actually apprehend Peter considering his powers?
  • How many Issac paintings are there?
  • So Matt's first case as detective is into the Mr. Sulu murder. What are the odds?
  • What happened to Audrey Hanson, the FBI agent who knew all about Matt's powers and Sylar?
  • Something that always bothered me about Hiro. Shouldn't his English have improved more than it had when he went back in the past to save Charlie Andrews?
  • This Hiro storyline is stupid. If this was Jeph Loeb's idea. I wouldn't be surprised.
  • So Claire's smart? Well, book smart...
  • Man, these are awful accents. Couldn't they grab some extras from the cast of The Black Donnellys off the unemployment line?
  • The Haitian (Who came up with that name, Vince McMahon?) is back...and he's dying! Doesn't pay to be black on this show (D.L.*, Charles Deveaux, Simone Devaeaux)?
  • Is fine-ass Maya a Typhoid Mary without her brother near by?
  • At least Hiro has complete confidence in his powers. That's the real problem with this show.
  • Maybe Peter is finally on the path to his bad ass five year self
  • Why hasn't Hiro even attempted to teleport back home?
  • They are going to have to explain at some point how all the people with powers are drawn to one another otherwise these coincidences are going to be one of the things that bring down this show.
  • Ah Mohinder. Once a dumbass...
  • I'm calling our immigrant friends The Typhoid Twins or fine-ass Maya and her brother.
  • Nathan is making me want to grow a full beard.
  • Mama Petrelli is next.
  • ...or maybe not. It appears H.R.G. has trained Mohinder well.
  • H.R.G. and The Haitian. Tag Team, back again...
  • The toe cutting was gross but cool.
  • Ok, Peter. You phased through the ropes, beat the shit out of thugs and shot beams out of your hands. JUST TAKE THE F@!&ING BOX! What's this negotiating shit?
NEXT WEEK: The Box. I swear I want to take the NBC executive charged with marketing for Heroes and hold him underwater for five minutes.

*They haven't said he's dead but I see the writing on the wall

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