Monday, September 24, 2007

Heroes Season Two: "Four Months Later..."

So after the non-finale season finale, what's next?

Here are just a collection of thought from the season premiere:
  • Mohinder, a.k.a. Sayid's weaker twin brother, still can't act and shouldn't be narrating.
  • Fine ass Dania Ramirez has joined us. Thank you, Mr. Kring. First The Sopranos, now this. She has a great agent.
  • The fact that Nathan and Peter are still alive and Syler survived, the finale really was pointless.
  • So Matt adopted Molly. Are we to assume she's been cured of whatever disease she had in the finale?
  • Sulu has been marked for death by the new Syler...oh wait...the old Syler is still around. Iguess the old Heroes are getting wiped out.
  • Isn't Nathan a senator? He won the election, right?
  • I'm glad David Anders (Takezo Kensei and Alias' Sark) is working again but do we really need some The Last Samurai/Michael Dudikoff in feudal Japan.
  • Mr. Bennett works at Kinko's!!! How can he tell Claire to not be a cheerleader when he's back at another paper company?
  • Parkman and Mohinder are raising Molly = My Two Dads

Mr. Mohinder, we'll pay you in goooooooooold!

  • Claire's still an idiot.
  • Mr. Bennett has still got it. I was getting worried for a second that going into hiding had made him soft
  • "How did you honor your son?" You got served, Mrs Petrelli!
  • Maya (Ramirez) apparently spreads a disease when separated. Next week, I'll have a good term for the Anti-Wonder Twins.
  • So Mohinder and Bennett are working to bring the Company down? Good call, H.R.G. After spending half the season making a fool of Mohinder (the other half Mohinder made a fool of himself), he's who you trust to bring down your enemies? Good luck,
  • What's with what Nathan saw in the mirror?
  • Of course, Claire's stalker can fly. Has Nathan got another kid out there?
  • I wonder what Mr. Sulu's power was?
  • I don't know how well this show can work with Hiro separated from everyone.
  • Those are some awful accents.
  • Who locked up Peter Petrilli? More importantly, he finally cut off those awful bangs?
All and all, a good setup for the season but I definitely have my concerns. I hope we aren't going to have another Boogeyman villain and Hiro needs to rejoin the rest of the cast sooner than later.

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