Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Break-Up

Dear Countdown:

I tried to do this in person but you wouldn't see. I tried to call you but you wouldn't pick up the phone. So you have left me no choice but to write you this letter.

CD, this just is working out for me anymore. I thought I could hold on and wait to see if this relationship went anywhere but I can't. I thought it would be like before, when you were 52. But now, I don't know. Did I change? Did you change?

No, I'm pretty sure we both changed. You keep going on aimlessly in your life, not knowing where you want to go. You took on too many things at once and now I don't even know what going on with you.

I've changed too. I've been in abusive relationships like this before, sticking around just to see how things ended. I hate feeling like I wasted all my time if I'm not going to stick around to the end. But I've got to be mature. I've got to let you go and move on.

I'm sorry that this didn't work out but don't worry, there are other readers out there in sea for you. I just can't be one of them.


P.S.: Do you have Sinestro Wars phone number?