Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Heroes Season Two: "Kindred"

Sylar's back. Can he bring some excitement back to this season?

Random thoughts for last night's episode:
  • Take the fucking box, Peter!
  • When exactly does the Typhoid Twins story get interesting? Dania Ramirez is hot but not "ignore the deficiencies in the story" hot
  • Who tries to steal a car in broad daylight in front of a cop? How hard is it for two people to stay together?
  • I knew D.L. was dead (despite getting shot less than Parkman)
  • Candice/Michelle: I guess an illusionist is an easy role to recast (FYI,the original Candice is now on Reaper on the CW)
  • I bet Sylar wishes he got to eat Claire's brain
  • How hard would it be to track the purchases of Papa Suresh's book?
  • So Parkman knows about Mohinder's secret meeting? I wonder if Mohinder told Matt or he just read his mind.
  • How did the state award custody to a divorced cop and a guy who goes around the country holding lectures about people with superpowers?
  • OK, the notes to Ando are pretty cool but you are telling that no one notice a note to Ando in all those centuries?
  • So Claire/s stalker is a dick?
  • Who flies in broad daylight? Nice to see that their special effects budget has increased?
  • Go home, Hiro.
  • Do they cast from Star Trek conventions? If Scotty had been alive, would he have been the boss of the fake Irish gang?
  • I like this Anakin Skywalker Peter we've got going...then he ruined it by not opening the fucking box.
  • How Sylar obtain Michelle's powers? How does his powers actually work?
  • Great, Sylar is LOST. Hopefully he can defend himself against smoke monsters and polar bears?
  • Oh, why couldn't Issac's painting have shown Mohinder with a bullet in his eye?


alphaduck said...

And what of the fact that Claire must never bring Stalker-Flyboy home to meet daddy?

Melanism said...

I think Flyboy is the one that puts a bullet in HRG's eye.