Monday, October 15, 2007

Heroes Season Two: "The Kindness of Strangers"

After the preview for next week, I already don't care about this episode.
  • Why didn't anyone call Claire's parents after she ditched school with SuperStalker?
  • If anyone is going to put a bullet in HRG's eye, it will be SuperStalker?
  • Aww, my two dads. They are a little too close in their argument. I can't be the only one who expected a smooch.
  • Damn, that is a nice beard.
  • What happened to Nate's wife who helped ruin season six of 24?
  • "I'm not allowed to be here. Bitch, I'm Nathan Petrelli. I will fly you to the sky and drop your ass."
  • Typhoid Twins...perfect, I wanted to check on the Giants game.
  • 7-3 Giants.
  • Sylar got pretty far with a bloody stomach in the woods in the middle of nowhere.
  • Is Uhura reading from a teleprompter?
  • Apparently, you need to be kinda cute to have powers. (Doing an age check on IMDB for Dana Davis)
  • So she confesses for a crime that they should have on videotape?
  • "But I can fly." Nice pickup line.
  • (Dana Davis is legal. Awesome)
  • Nathan shaved. I hope he donated his beard hair to goodwill
  • Matt is teaming up with another power. This should end well.
  • Bye Mama Petrelli. I know she's not dead yet but the Heroes writing staff was never known for its subtlety.
  • How are they twins but only one can understand English?
  • Well, Typhoid Twins are going to be suckers too.
  • (Please let this not play out with Sylar killing the brother which sets the sister loose killing everyone. That seems too stupid, right? RIGHT?!?!)
  • How is that guy cast as the store manager on two shows on NBC that air back-to-back (Chuck)?
  • Katrina victims are the new show stereotypes in 2007.
  • Claire, your dad is the master. How do you think you can lie to him?
  • Damn, Parkman. You got hit with the double whammy: wife cheated AND the baby's his!
  • Matt's daddy is a power?
  • We at Heroes understand the plight of the African-American Katrina Survivors.

  • This relationship is moving a little too fast,no?
  • Way to not use your powers, Micah?
  • Way to nuzzle up to your cousin's breasts, kid. I wonder how many takes they filmed.
  • So one of the people in that photo is the boogeyman. If this were "Lost", I would rewind to the scene where Matt and Nathan looked at the photo and see who was the most noteworthy actor who had not been introduced yet and deduce that he was The Nightmare Man. But this isn't lost and the Giants game is still on.
  • What's with Nathan's mirror image?
  • Did Sylar just say "golly"?
  • Honestly, those police sketches aren't even so good that if you look at it, you immediately know it was them.
  • How is Sylar healed from his sword wound?
  • Nice defection Claire.
  • So H,R.G. and The Haitian are on the road again?
  • Does NBC know that the WWE owns all those moves? Did they have to pay Vince Mcmahon for use of Rey Mysterio's 619?
  • Way to go, Matt. How did child services leave a child in your hands?
Next Week: VERONICA MA...UM...KRISTEN BELL!!!!!!! Now I give a shit about this show.

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