Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Titan Rides the Train


I'm sure that any comic fan who is dependent on public transportation hates Wednesdays (or whenever they get around to picking up their four colored haul).

I'll elaborate on why for the automobile owners momentarily. First, let it be known that I'm not one of those self-deprecating comics fans who figured out in high school that you have to make fun of yourself before others can. I feel no shame towards reading comics, but I'll be damned if my fellow commuters don't try to grill it into me.

Seriously, reading a comic on a bus or train will have people looking at you as if you've made repeated guest appearances on To Catch a Predator.


I'm quite certain that a few women who were feeling me lost all interest the moment they spotted the Midtown Comics bag I was holding. They didn't see the newest issues of Action Comics or Hellboy in my hand. Instead they saw a giant copy of Big 'Uns (can I get a "whoa Bundy?").

Strangely enough, just as if I actually was rocking a porno mag, all the elitism in the world isn't going to stop them from trying to sneak a peak at what's going on between those pages. The interest is obviously there. Shit, I'm sure these same people had Heroes cued up on TIVO, the complete Buffy the Vampire DVD
set, and saw 300 on the opening day.

At the end of a work day, I can't be concerned about what these closeted comic fans are thinking about me. I have a 2 hour commute, and best believe I'd rather break out my Birth of a Nation GN rather then reset my ipod's eternally dwindling battery for the fifth time that day.


Unless, of course, I'm sitting next to a remotely attractive woman. In that case I just may have to carry a sudoku book or something.


absolute_zero said...

LMAO... this has a real article type feel to me. Never really seen you write in this style before.. but i guess even your old self have a few tricks up your sleeve..

now we both know that you playing sudoku is not going to happen and i cannot see you fronting.. stick to the ipod at least you can explain that one.. or bring a book with you that you know that most people have read so they can try to comment on it as an ice breaker.. alright enough of me and my pick up advice.. piece and blessings

buckshot said...

Yes, this can be embarassing.

That's why whenever I bring my comics on the bus, I make sure I sit behind crazy homeless masturbating guy. It's the perfect diversion.

Anonymous said...

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Coatesvillain said...

Your post is so universal that the Chinese even agree. I guess.

It's a hard balance, but if I were you and had a two hour commute I'd be comic reading in front of everyone even the hot chicks.

neo said...

Well depending on what the lady by my side in question looks like I know whether to pretend I bought it for a nephew or blatantly read it to get her attention...'cos sometimes doing this can be known to get the almost-complimentary, "wow, you read comic books?"