Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Man, I read a damn emo comic.

Would you read anything written by this guy? 

Just look at this kid.  He looks like a meth addicted high school kid who really wants to be  in the marching band but never signed up because he knows his friends would make fun of him, which he wouldn't be able to take considering he already has to deal with football players who aren't even that talented or popular beating him up after school every day.

So I know that I sure as hell wouldn't read anything this guy was even remotely involved with.  Well,  at least not on purpose.

But I did.  And I'm so glad I did.

This whiny, columbine-lookin' motherfucker is Gerard Way.  He's the singer of My Chemical Romance; the closest thing anybody's gotten to Queen since Freddie's mustache left us for a better place.

 And he wrote a comic.  It's called The Umbrella Academy.  His name is on the front, and the letters in the back even make reference to the term "rock star," but I had absolutely no reason to know who he was before reading this.  

 While I used to pick which comics I followed based upon the main characters, I later realized that the author brings (arguably) the most important aspect to any comic. 

 Now, I often find myself following  books and stories that I otherwise wouldn't have cared about based purely upon the writers.  So after looking this guy up,  I was really surprised to find out he hadn’t written anything else other than songs with titles like, “Early Sunset Over Monroeville.”

This is the first time that not knowing a writer’s name helped me find a new book.

But I feel like I should say at least something about the comic itself.  Since nerds like us always love describing things in vague, referential terms, The Umbrella Academy is kind of like if you mixed Generation X with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and stuck it into in the world of Hellboy.   

The final issue in The Umbrella Academy's 6 issue story, The Apocalypse Suite, ships Feb 20th.


Brother Afron said...

Throw a beard on that dude, add in a couple years of snake worship, and he'd probably end up looking like Alan Moore.

I've been meaning to get into this comic, but something has been telling me to wait for the trade to drop.

Anonymous said...

WTF?! you bitch! FUCK YOU! Gerard Way is sooooo cool! You ass fuck! Go fuck a dog!