Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Where Art Thou, Superman?

(contains Infinite Crisis spoilers)

Calling all cars, calling all cars.

Looking for a white Caucasian male, possible alien.

About 6 feet tall, dark hair, blue eyes...Able to leap tall buildings in a singe bound.

Goes by the name of Kal-El or Superman.

I thought Infinite Crisis was supposed to reinvigorate the Big 3.

If that's the case, where's Waldo...I mean...Superman been this entire series?

Nope, everything seems fine around here.
I guess I'm not needed

Wonder Woman spent two issues defending Themyscira from OMACs and hanging out with Earth-2 Wonder Woman.

Batman? He's been everywhere.

In the course of this series, Batman has...
...been at the ruins of the Watchtower
...back in Gotham where he met Earth 2 Supes and faced off against Red Hood in his own book
...Bludhaven to meet up with Nightwing
...back in Gotham with the Brave and The Bold planning an attack on Brother Eye space knocking Brother Eye out of orbit
...finally ending up at Alexander Luthor's tower which is apparently right by The Fortress of Solitude

All this despite not having the gift of flight.

Superman? well, after getting emasculated by Batman, he actually went back to WORK as Clark Kent for a spell. He stopped some windows from falling on a crowd, stopped a couple of OMACs, hooked up with Earth-2 Superman on Earth 2 and finally showed up to his neighborhood to watch Superboy die. Did Ruin keep him THAT occupied?

I know Superman can't be everywhere at once but if Batman can get around...

No, it may seem like I'm being a little unforgiving here but the only way Infinite Crisis works if Superman happens to not be around.

You're saying with all that was going on...Earth 2 Superman flying around on his Earth, the Society killing the Freedom Fighters, Superboy Prime going to HIS house in Kansas and fighting our Superboy all the way to Keystone City, the sonic booms created by the Flashes, the only time he did something is when he heard Earth 2 Superman yell "Lois" (from another Earth no less which he got to pretty quickly)?

As George Oscar Bluth II (a.k.a. G.O.B.) on Arrested Development would say, "Come on!"

I'm sure Superman will do something MIND BLOWINGLY AMAZING in Infinite Crisis #7 but it will be a case of too little too late.

Batman's right, maybe Superman should just die to inspire everyone again...

Oh wait, I think I just figured out Infinite Crisis #7...


buckshot said...

Man, hear-muthafuckin'-HEAR!!!

Where IS Superman?!

He ain't in Infinite Crisis...

He ain't in One Year Later.........

Oh wait, here he is!!!!

*Grabs copy of 'All-Star Superman' and forgets all troubles immediately*

neo said...

LOL..y'all are a trip..

btw is this the batman vs. supes fight?

Kal-el seems pretty beat up..dang.

JRennoldz said...

SUPES is out back smoking jays with-HOLD UP! I think you are on to something here Mel, Supes is going to die again....and again...and again!

This week's Superman issue was a bit suspicious, the "Clark Kent?" caption on the second page has me baffled.

DrNO said...

well, no hero's really get much shine in IC. Supe's been doing fairly big things.

Brandon said...

Superman will return when the movie comes out. Watch.

BTW, can we post YouTube video links here? I have two that are perfect for a PTP blog subject.

JRennoldz said...

I'm pretty sure you can post YouTube links...

He will be back by July!