Saturday, November 11, 2006

Comic of the Week: Annihilation #4

What are you holding behind your back?

I was already to give Grant Morrison's Batman my vote for comic of the week but then I read this bad boy.

This is how you create tension in a comic book.

The first three issues have been hit or miss for me. You definitely get a sense of all the destruction going on and, unlike Seven Soliders, you can see how the mini-series tied into the main series (Seriously, how did Morrison think he could tie 7 miniseries into one 40 page comic book?).

But Giffen gave me the one thing I wanted more than anything this series.


It's no secret that he is my favorite Marvel villain of all-time., especially post-Infinity Gauntlet. When he's written correctly, like he is here, he comes across as a cool character who has done it all and now is just bored. He knows (or at least believes) he's the smartest person in the galaxy and that his only Achilles heel is his love for Death. Everyone is beneath him.

This issue we find out what Thanos' motivation for following Annihilus down this path of destruction while simultaneously Drax makes his way through countless armies to achieve his one goal: Kill Thanos.

Remember when Drax The Destroyer was a complete buffoon?

That moment has passed.

He is a unstoppable killing machine. To watch him make his way through the Annihilus Wave is nothing short of amazing.

This was a well-written and well-drawn affair and now it will be interesting to see how the rest of the mini-series works out.

Besides, tell me that is not one of the best covers of 2006.


buckshot said...

Word. Annihilation has been surprisingly good to me. Besides a brief flirtation with Ron Lim-era Silver Surfer and the Infinity Gauntlet stuff, I was never all that big on Marvel's cosmic characters. But this shit has been bangin'

It's always good to see Thanos scheming, and Drax's stock has definitely been on the rise since this whole affair started. And from the mini's I found a new appreciation for Nova and Super Skrull.

Ronan still sucks though.

JRennoldz said...

THANOS, is a pretty def character. I mean, the dude loves some post-bulemic chick (in a hoodie) and enjoys just fuckin' shit up, in space. And he's purple....DIPSET BITCH!!!!

I am not reading ANNIHILATION, but I should be. Giffen is a very under-estimated writer.

MrHood75 said...

Yeah, this issue was the shit. I have fond memories of Thanos and Drax growing up, but this is the first issue that used BOTH of them right, in tandem, in the modern era. The onlty thing that would have capped it off is if Ron Lim had drawn the issue.