Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bless those damn Limeys!

Okay, let's admit it, Secret Invasion sucks. Personally, I stopped reading after issue 4. This is my first major 'event' and I gotta say it has ruined me for all future 'events'. Thanks Marvel. But, I have to say that the best thing to come out of this hodgepodge of crap called Secret Invasion is "Captain Britain and MI:13". Paul Cornell has done a great job at creating a neat cast of characters that mesh well together and his plotting has been excellent as well. And, unlike in Secret Invasions, shit actually happens in this comic. So far (Spoilers):
-Captain Britain has died and come back...with a new costume.
-John the Skrull dies.
-Faiza (who seemed to be an insignificant character at first) becomes the new wielder of Excalibur.
-Blade has joined the MI:13!! I didn't even know dude was British!

And that's just the first five issues!

The first story arc was a direct SI tie-in but it was pretty damn good on it's own merit. Besides fighting the Skrull army, the first arc was mainly about establishing the cast of characters as a cohesive unit, which Cornell does well.

For those of you not interested in magic, dragons, tea and all that kooky stuff those damn Limeys are into, I would still recommend this book just on the writing alone. Cornell has done a great job of combing traditional British-magic with superheroes in a really kick-ass way. So go out and but this book! Now!