Sunday, February 25, 2007

Live From The New York Comic Con

Hello kids. The New York Comic Con was this weekend and I have returned to blog about it. I originally didn’t plan on attending. I don’t really have enough money to spend $40 on a ticket to get into a place full of stuff I’d want to buy. Luckily I had a friend who was working a promo gig on the inside and got me in for free (hi Sonya.)

I’ve noticed something similar about the last few entries on this here PTP blog: Lots of words, no pictures. Well, I bring you no shortage of pictures, so heeeeere we go!

The big event.

One thing that always guaranteed at a comicon: you’ll always see a Stormtrooper. There were plenty of these guys walking around.

Times are rough for 1980s toy villains. This guy was all over the place.

Here’s Spidey with some random guy.

There’s just something interesting about this image. Here’s some (Kidrobot?) giant size prototype toy mice.

Even though Blue Beetle is dead and DC goes through Flashes quicker than Destiny’s Child used to replace members or Van Halen replaces lead singers or (insert joke here), their essence still remains.

The car our previous heroes were standing in front of is this 1928 Model A Car-Toon Truck.

Everybody loves the sunshine. Even the scum of the universe.

More Star Wars characters comin’ atcha.

When Stan’s in the house, all the fanboys go craaaaazy! The crowd surrounding Stan The Man was massive and I was lucky to even get this glimpse of a picture.

Neal Adams was there. This sign is proof. I didn’t get a picture of him or any of the other artists, but it was interesting to walk along and match faces to all the familiar names.

I have no idea what this thing is, but I’m willing to bet that its place of origin is Japan.

These are some mannequins displaying some original Star Trek costumes.

No place is complete without a giant Pikachu balloon.

I would like to see speakers attached to it to announce a loud, thunderous “Pika Pika!”

This is a Darkling from The Darkness video game (which is based on the comic book, not the rock band) fighting with…someone tell me what this guy’s name is.

And…who is he?

Here’s a medieval warrior of some sort.

And just in case you’ve started to drift off, I’ve waited to show the main reason to bring a camera to one of these events: The women!

Your narrator with a fair maiden.

All in all, a good time was had. I got in for free and managed to only spend $45 (I bought a few half-price trades & hardcovers to complete my America’s Best Comics collection.) Maybe I can get as lucky for the next show.


Melanism said...

I was there to and I am broke as a result.

JRennoldz said...

I want that Flash costume, the "hoodini! Star Wars get up, that nice blonde lady and that black chick rocking those booty shorts.

I so need to attend one of these things. Killer blog!

M Belle said...

Cheetarah (?) is wrong for her pantyhose. Not cool, but nice try.

lonesome said...

Crayon Shin-Chan in the house! Man, I love that show (caveat: I haven't seen it in English yet but I understand it doesn't translate that well.)

There used to be a 'Crayon Shin-Chan Cocoa' brand in Japan. Very funny that it's a kid show there but can only get broadcast here in the wee hours of the morning.

neo said...

Babes + comic books = YEAH!

Anonymous said...

These big white mices, dogs and so on are not from Kidrobot, they're called Quees - from TOY2R.