Tuesday, January 09, 2007

DC & Marvel Have Got Jokes

Wanna hear something funny?

  • All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #1 came out in July 2005. We are still awaiting issue #5.
  • Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #1 came out in December 2005. We are still waiting for issue #3.
  • Wonder Woman (Vol. 3) #1 came out in June 2006. We are still waiting for issue #4. It has since been moved to a bimonthly schedule. Um, what? Batman and Superman can have multiple titles running smoothly but Wonder Woman needs special attention. Now that The O.C. has been canceled Allan Heinberg will have time to crank these out.
  • The Ultimates Vol. 2 began in December 2004. Still waiting for issue #13. Did The Authority take this long?
  • We are up to issue #6 in the relaunch of Justice League of America and they still haven't fought together.
  • Joe Queseda, Tom Breevort and Mark Millar still think both arguments are being equally represented in Civil War.


The Cork said...

I'm okay with the JLA still not yet fighting as a cohesive unit seeing as how before these issues I had never seen: Arsenal, Red Tornado, Vixen, or Black Lightning do any sort of head cracking. The decompression of the actual team getting together is fine with me because its not like NOTHING has happened. They've stumbled upon a mysterious development involving some major bad guy heavies and there have been some very involved developments in the life of at least one of the prospective team members (Reddy). Besides, I think the point of the story developing the way it is is that they won't actually become a "team" until they are united and focused against a common foe. That doesn't come from the big 3 picking and choosing from photos.

On your last point, who's side do you think is represented more? Do you think there's a bias in the way they're being represented? Is there a bad guy? Is there a good guy?

buckshot said...

...Hence the term "funnybook"

ella m. said...

Is it just me or has the books shipping extremly late problem become increasingly common in the past 5 years? I don't remember having to wait 6 months to blow my allowance on candy and the newest Batman comic when I was a kid.

SONICMAN2 said...

What Ella said...


Books came out like clockwork every week/month. Headed down tot he local 7-11, bought my books and a slurpee sat on the curb and was transported away to a another world! 9-)

bluetiger said...

"All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #1 came out in July 2005. We are still awaiting issue #5."

This irks the sh*t outta me. It is way overdue.

SONICMAN2 said...

to clarify my above comment..I was referring to 1974 when I was 10 years old! LOL THEN they came out on time.

AFKAP of Darkness said...

Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen were probably the first books i remember suffering significant delays... that was 20 years ago.

before that, i don't really remember lateness being a big issue.

GerkMax said...

*ditto, on being irked by all the late books.

Civil War pisses me off because, in the end... that shyt could have been done in 3-4 months TOPS!