Monday, October 30, 2006

City of Heroes

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the first four episodes of Heroes

The writing is kinda bad (which anyone who has read a Jeph Loeb comic since Batman "Hush" knows that's not a surprise).

Some of the actors are annoying (Milo Ventimiglia and Ali Larter).

The theme of the season is kinda lame ("Save the Cheerleader. Save The World." Seriously? That must have been some writers' brainstorm).

The characters act questionably (Hiro jumps into the past to an exact time and place Peter is on the subway, but doesn't know the cheerleader's name or address? Mohinder gets called crazy by Nathan and all of the sudden, he's ready to pack his bags and quit?).

So why do I (Well, "we" considering the ratings) love NBC's Heroes so much?

I remember when I downloaded and watched the pilot episode with a friend and we both agreed that it was okay but I could easily see myself being disinterested after a while.

Then I saw the second episode and I was all-but-ready to tune out and watch Monday Night Football and then we realize that Hiro teleported weeks into to the future and the day of the explosion that Issac foretold in his painting from the first episode.

Holy shit.

Then the third episode was equally suspect but then the train froze and there was Hiro with a ponytail, a sword and speaking perfect English to Peter "My hair won't stay out of my eyes" Petrelli.

Holy SHIT!

Clearly, the writers went to the Whedon School of Cliffhangers.

And now here I am hooked on yet another TV show.

The fourth episode didn't live up to the cliffhanger of the previous episode but seeing Nathan take off like a rocket and make a sonic boom in the sky made up for it.

Even though executive producer and creator Tim Kring says he has no background in comics, he has made the ultimate fanboy show.

It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination (People who are comparing this favorably to the first season of Lost need to slow their roll and compare to the first season of The 4400*) but I'll be damned that every time someone uses their power, I don't smile like a little kid.

*Hopefully this won't turn into The 4400 where we're three seasons in and still don't know what the purpose of bringing them back.


buckshot said...

I'm still having trouble getting into this show, but I'm trying.

I mean, it's not much worse than a mediocre comic book, and lord knows I've read my share of them.

JRennoldz said...

I haven't seen this yet but, it sounds kind of cheesy. Then again, the propspect of a time-travelling ninja is pretty damn intriguing.

M Belle said...

I admit I love it. I, like most people, love Hiro, who is the fanboy stand-in character. Post-Buffy all fantasy in the real world show must have a character who is aware of the genre and its limits.

This show has the potential to get better, which is why people keep watching.

neo said...

Some folks say they ripped off from 4400...the suspense is what keeps me intrigued..

though some of the powers are kinda lame like the single mother that has the dual personality thing..eeennh..weak.

neo said...

By the way this is a link to all the episodes so far...full length.

For those who haven't caught it yet:


Anonymous said...
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