Monday, May 29, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand (a second opinion)


I'll be honest, after I left the theater, I wanted to give the movie but after telling my friend about the movie I had to admit that there were some cool parts.

I don't know what to say about this movie. This wasn't Brett Ratner's fault. He did a competent job. There were some scenes that were better than anything in the first two X-Men movies. The Phoenix scenes were handled particularly well.

Whoever decided that this movie should only be 107 minutes not only ruined this movie but ruined this franchise.

It was clear that the writers of the movie had been given a list of things to address:

  • Jean/Phoenix
  • The cure storyline
  • Give Storm a bigger role
  • Solve the Cyclops-doesn't-really-do-anything problem
  • Iceman vs. Pyro
  • Introduce a bunch of new mutants (Angel, Beast, Callisto, Madrox)
  • Give Colossus something to do
  • Iceman/Rogue/Kitty Pryde love triangle
  • Jean/Cyclops/Logan love triangle
And they were told to do all this in 107 minutes or less because even with the short running time, there managed to be filler.

There was a lot of potential. The cure story could have been cool. The Phoenix story could have been cool. The use of the next generation of X-Men stepping up could have been cool. But instead of there being a main plot and some subplots, there were ONLY subplots, some being resolved, some being forgotten and some rushed to an unsatisfying conclusion. And because of that, I felt detached from the whole movie.

It's sad. Given an extra 45-60 minutes and a better writer, this could have been the best of the X-Men movies.

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toothpick said...

nice reviews.

i'm starting to get really tired of people accusing me of not liking the movie because i "expected it to be like the comics." no no. it sucked, in the same manner as any other movie that sucks happens to suck. bad characterization is at the top my list (which isn't the same critcism as "the characters aren't the same as they are in the comics!")

i liked how they did kitty though. good usage of her powers, actress did a good job, and the juggernaut chase scene was well done...exciting and fun (and a nice nod to that old christmas ish where some alien is chasing her through the mansion). that's about all i liked though.

iceman finally icing up was somewhat satisfying...but that fight scene with pyro coulda been much cooler. as is, it was pretty much a glorified arm wrestle.

JRennoldz said...
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JRennoldz said...

I agree with Mel, this movie was way too crammed and lacked focus. One story instead of 14 (or so) could have made this another classic in this franchise. Poor writing plus an overall dropping of the ball made for a crapfest.

The ending was cheap and the "Charles?!" excalamaition after the credits was weak.