Thursday, February 28, 2008

Melanism says... #2

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Winick is German for 'Winner'

Hello Internets. New PTP blog member here. I am The Turquoise Chef, #1 Supervillain in Coney Island.

I'm here to talk about my favorite current writer in comics. That is Judd Winick. I read a lot of comic sites where the fuckin assholes who post there talk about how Judd is trash. Well fuck you too, Newsarama and Comicon posters. These are probably the same dickheads who would say Watchmen is the greatest comic ever (what a predictable answer.)


Sorry fuckers, but Judd is the best comic writer of the last 10 years. The only other writer who even comes close is Chuck Austen.

What makes Judd so good? He takes former shitty characters and improves them for the new millennium.

Take Captain Marvel for instance. He used to be a outdated douchebag like this:

But Judd the GOAT understands that a pussy like that is irrelevant in today's society. Enter a Captain Marvel who is actually cool:

(My fellow PTP cohort Nukkapedia will probably hate my guts for this, but what does that guy know? He thinks 2D animation is better than 3D.)

Jason Todd? He was just a dead piece of shit until Judd turned him into the greatest villain Batman ever faced.

Mia from Green Arrow? She was just another boring girl tagalong until Judd gave her AIDS.

Can't you see it? Don't you understand the amazing character development? I even stand alone on my opinion from the rest of the PTP blog. These dorks would probably rather read some weak mystical crap from bald wizard Grant Morrison.

I'm a supervillain. I know good comics when I read them. This will not be my last post.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Melanism says... #1

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