Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Prep Time Posse

Hear this, true believers...

I discovered a hidden gem in Eastern Sacramento this past weekend. A little place tucked away and hidden along the commercial corridor of the "Howe 'bout Arden" area, nestled in between, I shit you not, the Chicken & Waffle place and Larry's Comfort Shoes. The place itself, Great Escape Gaming, is, as the name suggests, primarily focused on gaming and providing all of the little goodies a good gaming retailer should provide. But there is a "wall" as well as the area called the "back issue bins". I'm using those quote marks as finger quote thingeys here because the "wall" is actually a 10'x5' book shelf about 2' deep, which holds no more than 3 dozen current titles. The "back issue bins" is comprised of 8 or so long boxes, looking like they've been handled lovingly by Ben Grimm, packed ))TIGHT(( and only featuring about 1/2 teh titles of the "wall". As I said, comics are not the focus of the place, but dammit they are my newest FAVORITEST lcs.

I only discovered them by leafing through the Yellow Pages, looking under "COMIC BOOKS" and finding their listing there among the 8 or so shops sprinkled throoughout the greater Sack. I was dialing shops to locate who had back issues of the MAX series PUNISHER title, specifically issues 29 & 30 "The Slavers" story arc. They were the only folks who answered in the affirmative and it was on my way home so I stopped on in. They had the books picked out for me and waiting and as I bellied up to purchase my couple o' books, ready to plunk down 3-3.50 per, and this sweet, sweet man behind the counter utters the magic words, "You know the deal with our back-issues, right?"


"Our back issues, those there in those boxes, are $0.99 each. If you buy 5 you get 1 free, if you buy 10 you get 3 free."


"So you DIDN'T know, then?"


"You all right?"



I'm not afriad to admit it. I hugged him. I am not ashamed of that. The kiss on the lips may have been a bit much, but...

So anyhoo, I went over to those greasy tattered long boxes and took a serious look around the collection, trying to see what damage I could do. Several guys looking like Seattle American Idol contestants walked back and forth past me into and out of the large gaming room attached to the store proper, and I had the sudden realization that there but for the grace of Yaweh go I. 9:30 on a Monday night, this place was PACKED with folks gettin their RPG on, with HeroCLIX and D&D Miniatures looking like they were the game du jour. I have to admit...and of this I am most definitely ashamed...I was a little curious about the world of HeroCLIX. Briefly...but I definitely felt it.

But that is all digression. Here is what I got for 2,163 pennies:

DAREDEVIL 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 (Hardcore)
DAREDEVIL 71, 72, 73, 74 (The Decalogue)
DAREDEVIL 76, 77 (The Murdock Papers)
PUNISHER "The Tyger" 1 (Severin bitches!)
PUNISHER 29, 30 (The Slavers conclusion)
PUNISHER 31, 32, 33 (Barracuda) (!!!)
JSA 42, 53, 54, 55, 68
Y: THE LAST MAN 25 (The ONE I don't have, that I couldn't find anywhere, the one that had me stopped on 24...waiting...waiting...waiting...)
BATMAN: DETECTIVE COMICS 819 (Even rarer than Y:TLM #25)

Off the new wall:

So, to sum up: 28 comics for $21.63, for an average of 0.77 per comic, with 2 of those comics taking up $6.00 of said amount...

I know...do the math. It don't quite work out. I know, you guys. I know. I'm tired of fighting it, I've taken the gloves off...however with this place having such an incredible sale on back issues, coupled with people running the cash register who don't quite understand how those sales work, I now have new favoritest local comic shop. Next time I'm there, I'm gonna try and figure out if I can work it so they pay me to take books out of there.

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