Monday, November 13, 2006

Missteps of the Week

Prep Time Posse

I have been following this book from the very first title just because of how neat it looked. I am a fan of the polarizing John Romita Jr. and his blocky characters, and I think his style is really well suited to the design of this book. It's just this book isn't really doing it for me. Even though this month's effort was better than the last 3, I can't really say its moving anything forward because we're now 5 issues in on a 7 issue release and Makari, the main character of the first 2 releases, has been stuck in stasis for the last issue and a half. Once Sprite was revealed as a the bad guy heavy, he is now suddenly the foil for the real bad guys, the Deviants, who had been played as fools before this. Grotesque fools, but fools nonetheless.

I'm torn on whether or not to stop collecting this title because I'm $20 in now and it'll only cost me $8 to ultimately decide on how I feel about this run. Or...I could wait 6 months and then it'll cost me $0.50 to find out if I liked the last two issues.

This book fell off farther, and harder, than anything I've seen in a while. I cannot express just how much appreciation I have for a mind that comes up with a demonic organized crime story. Some ideas just speak to you, and that is one that just hollerates at my ass in loud clear tones. However enamored I am with the idea cooked up therein, poor execution between the first two books will demand that I thoroughly noodle through any purchase of a third.

I feel bad for how much I pumped up this book now. Not that I think the first two are any less than I originally said, but this recent release failed to incorporate any of what I liked so much in them. Which is odd because I am of the understanding that all the books are pretty much done right now. I don't understand why the first 2 books of a 4 part series to look so entirely different than the 3rd, and why the 3rd doesn't contain the overwhelming positives of those previous 2. To be completely honest, I was just lost with this issue. What happened with the spooky cliffhanger at the end of 2 with Det. Aponte and all the moths? What's with the Aponte's partner jackin scumbags for dope? Some of the best moments in the first 2 issues was the banter with these guys and now we get an issue where they don't even share a panel. Neither the storytelling devices nor the action sequences used in this issue did much to advance the story along. We've seen the avenging angel of justice kill people locked up and freaking out in squad cars. We've seen Det. Aponte struggle with his faith and his cultural identity as he's attacked on both fronts. The talk-radio arguments, while being a clever way of dealing with exposition and revealing that what's going on the neighborhood is being noticed by the residents, didn't offer up any viewpoints that weren't illustrated previously by the cops, crooks, victims, and family members. I highly anticipate this release after being knocked out by the first 2 books, and I was woefully underwhelmed.


JRennoldz said...

Man, I am loving ETERNALS. Yes, it's slow and very decompressed. The sheer enormity of the threat (the Dreaming Celestial), and the eventual confrontation with SHIM(?) should be quite the spectacle. I honestly believe ,it's going to be hard for Gaiman, to wrap this ish up in two more issues...I'll stick around and see if he can though. DRUIG is a magnificent feat in villainy though; I want to see this bastard achieve DOOM STATUS, in the MU.

buckshot said...

Don't you hate that? You hype the shit out of something, and then the very next issue is a complete dud?