Monday, November 27, 2006



Written by: CHUCK DIXON
Illustrated by: DEREC DONOVAN

I picked up this book on a whim yesterday, purchased solely because I was in a comic shop killing time while waiting for a prescription to be filled. I'm unfamiliar with the character and the character's history. I am assuming that Connor is Arsenal, right? Going on that assumption I purchased this time-filler so I could brush up a little on Arsenal, seeing as how he's a new JLAer. It's a breezy and enjoyable little book, basically the set up for the limited run which is supposedly a gathering of the greatest archers in the world to have a throw-down commemorating an ancient Chinese legend of a lone archer who blah blah me, the whole reason behind the gathering of all of these archers is most definitely NOT going to be the reason they were all given. There will no doubt be some nefarious and diabolical goings on in Shanghai by issue 3 or so, and look for Connor Hawke to be the one taken most by surprise.

While that brief summation may sound glib, please don't think I am in any way disappointed in the story progression so far. Its quite the contrary, actually. Mr. Dixon once again shows he ha s a mastery of the comic book format in setting the stage succinctly and with clever devices in this issue. The whole re-telling of the Chinese legend smoke screen was a great excuse for the artist, who we'll talk more of later, to let loose with a great splash page of ancient Chinese warriors getting their full-tilt sword swangin boogie on. There are magics both black and white; there are dragons a blazin; and it is a great little story within a story that serves up a good 5 pages of candy for the eyes.

And speaking of those eye sweets, the illustrator Derec Donovan, a name I was previously unfamiliar with, has an obvious talent that is on display on some pages, and still on other pages implies the underdeveloped hand of a novice. While the previously mentioned battle scenes were lush and fully developed, there are instances in which his draftsmanship is faulty and his ceilings and floors vanish into horizon lines that are strikingly mismatched. I assume he is of a younger age because he has not mastered the correct drawing of a business suit, usually a clear indicator of age range. Most notable, however, is that Connor Hawke is shown as being markedly Asian. As I stated when starting off, I am unfamiliar with this character so I may be int he wrong but...he's not Asian is he?

Anyway, the books a fun little kick in the po-po. If you got 3 bones to waste ga'head.


Kwasi said...

Connor Hawke is actually Oliver Queen's half asian sonand was the green arrow for a while. In the DC universe he's supposed to be one of the best martial artists there is

lonesome said...

Building on Kwasi's comments, it might be important to note that Connor is also not Arsenal.

The Cork said...

Well alrightey then!!

Thanks guys, that does allow me to enjoy the artist's representation in the book a little more knowing that.

Chuck Dixon seems to be the "go-to" guy for Asian storylines these days

buckshot said...

Dixon can be a lot of fun. I've been reading some of my old Robin issues - Why, I do not know - and I'd forgotten how enjoyable some of that stuff was.

I might check for this.