Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dear DC

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I stood by you during the fantastic build-up and inevitable letdown that was Infinite Crisis. I have high hopes for 52; it's been spectacular so far... One Year Later has been hit-or-miss. It's about time you face the facts though!

Step away from your collective crack pipe and fix your faces; you're fucking up!! How? You are literally letting shit slide by with ease while leaving quality titles to rot into non-existence. First, you desecrate my favorite character with a bullshit, yet hyped-up relaunch (see: The Flash). Then you went completely bat-shit insane and brought back The Monitors in the stinking fish grease stain that was Brave New World...

Now, I can go and on about all your recent missteps but I won't. You know what they are and I'm not going to waste my time clowning you, fools!


It is hands down the rawest, most innovative and consistent book in your stable. Each issue has rained genius and astoundingly brilliant individual creativity down upon the masses i.e. the minority of fans that see the light.

As far as single issues go, nothing in the past four years, is touching Darwyn Cooke's issue. And don't even get me started on Sergio's soon-to-be considered classic piece of work, Damion's perfect marriage of two highly sylistic artforms and Allred's pop culture masterpiece.. This book contains the rawness and innovation that can, and should be found in world-renowned museum exhibits.

Now, I know people aren't picking up enough copies to warrant it going on BUT if you had gotten behind it as much as you did on your bullshit (shock and awe) titles you'd have a TOP 10 book each month. You could be bathing in dollar signs like there was no tomorrow. But no, you fucked up.

So on behalf of those readers that are smart enough to recognize and embrace quality in our beloved medium that is comicbooks: I shout, "FUCK YOU!"

And shit, you're only giving Manhunter a five issue stay of execution? You muffuckas are high! I'm mad and I know I'm not alone, bastards.

Who's with me?


Melanism said...


I hope Marvel steals this idea.

toothpick said...

i'll take a late pass on this Manhunter series. solid stuff!