Monday, April 24, 2006

"Once upon a time not long ago when people wore pajamas and lived life slow..."
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^^ Slick Rick, the G.O.A.T.

Well folks, it looks like the comicbook industry has officially entered the Platinum Age. Rejoice...if you can afford to! What is this Platinum Age I speak of? Let me tell you dear reader, it is an age of wonder, creation, discovery and paper thin wallets. It has dawned and yes, we the mindless consuming masses have bitten.

The industry is making that skrilla!!! In fact, it can be argued that this is the healthiest our medium has been in years; I am happy yet poor at the same time. In order to follow a story nowadays, it is vital that you cop "X amount" of books so you can "understand" everything. And let me tell you, I am a goddamned (Batman) sheep!

I have brought into all of the hype and unfortunatly I haven't had a full return on my "investment." As much as I love the big crossovers, I am sick to death of the goddamned (Batman....again?) tie-ins. Why? Well I hate to admit this but, I'm weak and those tie-ins eventually hook me and get added to my pull-list. Kudos to you big industry fat cats, you are winning the game! DC is leading the pack, all this OYL and IC "spill-over" is killing me.

In the past few months I have added: Manhunter, Firestorm, Checkmate, 52, Detective Comics, Action Comics etc. to my list. My Wallet? It's dry like the Sahara! As is the case with many of these recent addittions, I am satisfied. The stories are great and the art is killer; don't even get me started on Manhunter...

At the same time, some of these books have failed to meet my expectations, I can't.....drop....them....though! Argh, HULK SMASH!!!! Why? Because the solits. for upcoming issues sound too good and I'm afraid I'll miss something in terms of the overall story down the road. Again, I am weak and losing the financial battle with these corporate slugs! Enough complaining though, let me dwell on the positives.

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^^ "I'm rich, bitches!!!!" - The Bishop

First of all, most books in terms of quality, have been incredible! I have never been this excited about comicbooks. I am beginning to see the overall reasoning and blueprints of the newly polished DC Universe; Marvel is starting to shine as well. Corporate espionage, sex, drugs, Rock 'N' Roll, real-life poltical "situations", diversity, drama and straight-up freshness explodes out of the panels week-to-week! Granted this stuff isn't for the weak of heart or even the youth but still, comics are amazing right now!

I hate to admit how damn geeky I am but I refused to take a girl out to lunch this past Wendsday so I'd have enough money to spend on comics. That's cold-blooded, pimp! Obviously this doesn't bode well for my social life and future. For I fear one day I will be alone, 40-years-old and living in my ma's basement arguing on some message board about Captain America vs. a cage match! Oh yeah, this is also a negative because I don't have money to spend on entertainment outside of comics; I read 10 books a week?! Damn straight I'm weak!

Whatever though, this stuff is ill right now. The industry is firing on all 9000 cylinders! Alot of slept-on history is being rediscovered and brought to the forefront (see: Hooded Mayor Oliver Queen), concepts have been given new life and barriers have been shattered with the force of 1,000,000,000 hurricanes! Isht is being dug-up at a break-neck pace and my love of comics has been rekindled. It's all gravy, baby chains! Look at it this way, comics in the 90's were like a rusted aluminum chain (fuck that!), comics now are "blanging" harder than 50's G-Unit spinner (I'd rock it...for the ladies!)!

Gold chains like comics, are expensive. That's why they are geared toward the 20-35 year-old age group, we can afford an extent!

Now, I realize I have deviated from my initial topic of discussion "right herr" but damn, this isht is complex! Next time you complain about the industry, stop and think to yourself: "this platinum pinky ring sure looks alot better than that Ring Pop that lame hippy bastard is wearing plus, it pulls the ladies!" If you can't afford to ride or rock the gems, get the fuck outta here! As for the multi-part crossovers? Sure they are expensive but hey dude, it's worth it, maybe....



buckshot said...

Ah, the agony and the ecstasy of being a comic book reader. I gotta agree... I think comics are better than ever right now. Unfortunately so is the hype machine. You really gotta proceed with caution in this game, because it's real easy to get real broke real fast.

Britney Davis said...

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