Thursday, March 02, 2006

Marbles' Quick Hits for the Week of March 2...

INFINITE CRISIS #5- I liked the chuch scene, especially the conversation between Ragman & Mr. Terrific. But what's the scoop on John Stewart's hair on page #2? It's not a fade, it's a stop.

Who is the current Flamebird?

Did Batman almost crack a smile at Booster taking control of the situation?

Did Lex stick that crystal in Superboy's pocket? I think this is a set-up.

The confrontation between the Supermen was "Eh..." but I liked the interaction between the Wonder Women.

George Perez is the man.

This Breach character is the Captain Atom of Earth-8? Huh?

The crew in the Batcave...who is that between Black Canary & Mr. Terrific? Nice to see Black Lightning in the game.

Who was that saying< "I can't do this..." to Raven in Bludhaven?

The Superboy-Monitor is dumb. I don't like the fact that they brought the Anti-Monitor back anyways.

Overall, a good issue. Not the best one but good. I could have done without all of the multiple earth images. Once is enough.

MS. MARVEL #1 - This was a total impulse buy. I liked her in the last volume of the Avengers, especially her fight with alcoholism. I really used to like her a lot as Binary in the Avengers. And as the individual who had her life stolen from Rogue, she had a lot of great untapped potential (see Uncanny X-Men #182).

I think we all know why that kid on page 3 always has to be Luke Cage.

I didn't know that Jessica Drew & Carol Danvers were that tight. Jess acted funny towards her in New Avengers #15. But I liked the down-time interaction between the 2.

"The X-Men have a publicist?" Great scene.

I like this "unfulfilled potential" that Carol Danvers is feeling. She thinks she can be a more inspiring hero than she is. What i'd like to see is for her to try to be that ideal hero and not make it. I think that would be a true test of her (or anyone's) character.

Carol Danvers and Johnny Storm? Another great moment.

I like the Brood as villains but I'll hold judgement until i see what their motivation is this time.
All in all, a very good start to this series. I think i'll give #2 a chance. I've never heard of Roberto De La Torre but he showed some nice, solid artwork.

UNCANNY X-MEN #470- I liked the cover. It was simple. Does Cannonball really need a "C" on his chest? The pilot angle is a cool look. We don't need the Sesame Street assist.

Psylocke's workouts are getting played out. If she's going to remian a ninja, then she can die.
Val Cooper as an X-Buddy is annoying.

I don't really like the Shi'ar Death Commandos. Who runs the Shi'ar Empire these days?

Rachel's visit with the shrink could have been much more revealing and compelling. Instead, it was the exact same line she's been spouting since she arrived in our timeline.

This issue was pretty forgettable. Nothing of consequence happened. They'll have to do much better to close this story out.

NEW AVENGERS #15- I missed this and #16 because my shop ran out. Consider this a late-late pass review.

I like Ms. Marvel & hope that she joins. Why did it appear the Jessica Drew was avoiding her when she showed up? And even Wolverine didn't show her any love. Don't those 2 go back a long ways?

See my review of Ms. Marvel #1 for my feelings on her little speech.

I hope Wolverine stays with the Avengers long-term. It would be a fresh outlook for everyone. He'd be operating by different rules and in a different sort of spotlight. If done right, it could offer a really good take on him.

Why was Luke Cage ice-grillin' Logan? I wonder if he's going to give him a speech about teamwork, solidarity, etc.

Spider-Man's concerns were handled superbly. I've always liked Robbie Robertson and the way they used J. Jonah Jameson was perfect. The backstab was a great and I think accurate touch.

I'm enjoying this book. Not every issue has to be a slugfest for it to be entertaining.

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