Monday, February 13, 2006

Last Week in Belated Review

Superman #226

Written by Joe Kelly
Art by Chaykin, Benes, Guedes, Ordway

This Crisis thing is starting to get real interesting.

Much of the attention given towards the effects of the Crisis modifying characters has been focused on Batman, but I’m more interested with what’s going to happen to Superman. We already know now that Bats is going to become fun loving and whimsical—well maybe not exactly, but more so anyways. But Superman hasn’t really fallen into the gray areas Batman or Wonder Woman have in the past decade. Presumably it’s because of this he’s become a distant second to Batman in terms of popularity. This sadly prompted DC to attempt modifying him in some absolutely terrible ways that sapped big blues popularity even further.

Enter Earth-2 Superman, the neo-con to end all neo-cons. He wants to completely dismantle DC’s conflicted universe and replace it with his, no doubt, rose-tinted memory of Earth-2.

Our Superman, not one to give up on his home no matter how conflicted, isn’t about to let this happen. He needs to break through the division between his world and the reconstituted Earth-2, this isn’t going to be pretty—for him or the narrative flow of this story. You might have to read this one through a few times.

It seems that as Supes shatters the barrier between the worlds his history and Earth-2’s Superman’s begin to merge. What the effects of this are is left up to the reader at this point.

Is this book compelling, intriguing and well done? Yeah. Is it a fun read? … I’m not so sure. If you’re following Superman or the Crisis this book is essential but for everyone else it’ll just be confusing.

That’s unless they want some fantastic artwork. Chaykin, Guedes and Ordway do a fantastic job. Benes only gets a few pages, but his Imagey style isn’t really suited to a Superman book anyways.


JSA #82
Written by Paul Levitz
Art by George Perez

Another crucial Crisis tie-in. But, this one satisfies on every level.

Power Girl gets a hold of Earth-2 Lois’s diary, which exposes her conflicted feelings on her Superman’s new Earth-2 (“Just cotton-candy illusions in our mind”). But it’s not all doom and gloom; we get a vintage JSA tale with Superman and Batman taking on The Gentleman Ghost. So vintage that Bats utility belt contains a pocket fan, yeah the kind you can buy at a dollar store.

The classic team behind this book really bring their A-game. The dialogue is snappy, the story is fun and Perez’s art is vital as ever. Just the way the panels are laid out is masterful.

If this is the kind of thing DC means to bring back with IC, I’m excited all over again.



Marvel Zombies # 3 – The carnage continues. The great thing with zombie protagonists is that you can have an entire series escalate to their inevitable destruction with reckless abandon. This is still fun as hell. ****

Ultimate Extinction #2 – We’re given more information about Galactus. But the big reason to read it is to see The Silver Surfer wearing a rather noir suit—and getting his ass kicked in it to no effect. ***1/2

Jonah Hex # 4 – Another incredibly solid entry in this great series. ****


Melanism said...

In Ultimate Extinction, I wouldn't say the Surfer got his ass kicked. More like he got everything AND the kitchen sink thrown at him, and his nice suit got ruined.

buckshot said...

Damn, I've got a lot of catching up to do. Great re-caps and re-views as always, good sir.

I will co-sign on Jonah Hex and strongly urge everybody and their momma to give this book a peek. Even if you're not a "western person." Because I wasn't either until I read the first 3 issues. Now I can't stop watching Sergio Leone and/or John Wayne movies.

And I love Marvel Zombies, but this latest installment kinda let me down. The art looked rushed and the writing was a little weak. Hopefully it will pick back up next month. I have faith.

And did anybody besides me and Afkap read "Tales Designed to Thrizzle #2"? That book is a fucking hoot, my friends.

Brother Afron said...

I hopped on the Jonah Hex bandwagon with issue 3. What I loved about it was from its set-up I had no idea if it was being continued from the previous issue, or stand alone. Eitherway I had enough info to go on and thoroughly enjoy the story.

Plus the art and coloring is fucking beautiful.

JRennoldz said...

I agree with you on everything but JSA; the literal break-neck action/pacing was a no-go for me. You had momentum, then you didn't, then you did, then you didn't etc.

Damn The PTP is loving it some Jonah Hex; I'm curious to check the hype. If you bastards get me reading another monthly I'll be asking you all for food stamps.