Saturday, February 11, 2006


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I have learned what immortality is through reading comics over the years; it is the concept of living forever.

Like our favorite four-colored icons, there are legends whose art/work will survive the tests of time and continue to capture the hearts of enthusiasts for years to come. Jay Dilla is one such light, his soulful beats and hard-hitting rhymes will live on for centuries.

The world has lost a legend!

The Prep Time Posse united under the banner of Hip-hop Culture many moons ago. We're all Dilla fans and we'd like to extend our condolences to his friends and family.

.Celebrate life.


MR. MAJOR said...

Much like the recent loss of Seth Fisher, JayDee was one of those artist that wasn't a house-hold name, but fans of his truly knew of his greatness and his style was orginal and incomparable. It saddens me that yet another true original has ascended beyond this earthly plane. I can only hope that if there is indeed an afterlife that Jay and Seth hook up and make cosmic art. Yeah thats sounds corny but I can't think of another reason why two greats have left us so soon. I'll miss you Mr. Yancey, but thank you for the music you left us, that will always be eternal.

JRennoldz said...

"Only the good die young."