Thursday, February 23, 2006

Are you reading:

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NO? Well, should be, hese!

Imagine the magic of Sin City captured in a Tequiza bottle with a bullet, instead of a worm, relaxing in the bottom of the vile liquid. Got that? Bueno!

Carlos Trillo and Eduardo Risso's monthly IDW masterpiece is captivating, funny and flat-out dirty. This comic has everything in-between mobsters, hoes, suicidal businessmen, ski-masks and shady cops.

The grime above is presented in a simple (yet hypnotic) art style that bleeds with glass shards. The characters ooze with ammonia and act like demons banished from Hell. The stories are self-contained, slummy, depressing and incredibly uplifting. After reading about the exploits of our humble yet down-and-out detective, it is hard not to jump for joy. Chances are your life doesn't suck as much as hers so REJOICE! Still doesn't sound like your cup of tea huh? Pssssssssh you are so wrong, you shallow bastard!

Alejandrina Yolanda Jalisco is a private detective with more depth than the Marianas Trench. She deals with her problems head-on, she is a go-getter, a clown, a whacko, a quick-on-her-feet thinker and one ugly ass bitch. Yeah, I said it and I doubt she'd mind either.

See, A.Y. knows she is ugly. People are constantly telling her to spruce things up and add more spring to her step...sometimes she does but shit, life never fails to throw her a curveball.
"Nice shoes there, mind if I step on them?"

As implied above, this book is very atmospheric and difficult to digest. A.Y. is constantly put in situations where the odds are stacked against her; whether it be through racism, heat-packing villains or financial restraints due to a lack of employment.

"How can this stuff be uplifting?"

Sheeit! Despite all the adversity, A.Y. always comes out on top. She has a positve attitude and a knack for escaping potentially deadly situations i.e. she lives to embrace another day with wide-open arms everytime.

4 issues deep and A.Y. has already combatted a razor-wielding Mafioso (and his monstrous bodyguard), she has been beat up by Nazis, witnessed a father blow away his only son and has been harassed by nasty cops in their own stuy...I mean station.

She takes every one of these terrible situations in stride and learns from them. Her character has developed by lightyears in the brief time we have spent with her; we can thank writer Carlos Trillo for that. Although each issue is self-contained, for the most part, Trillo manages to create a cast of characters you, the reader, can relate to and feel for.

I'm a stone-cold dude but when I witnessed a 4-colored, elderly Asian man blast his only child , who had been burglarizing his pops to support himself (#4), I couldn't stop myself from dropping my emotional shield. I was moved! These stories are THAT powerful and the dialogue is stellar to boot. You can easliy hear each character's voice and persona tear off the pages. These components go together with Risso's art like PB & J.

Eduardo Risso fucking rules! His style is so unique, bare and eye-popping. After reading an issue of Chicanos I quickly haul ass over to the sink to wash the dirt off my mitts. Thanks Ed, your work just seeps off the pages, it's cot-damned brilliant!

In conclusion, Chicanos is piff! The characters rock, the dialogue is nutty, the stories are fresh and the atmosphere is straight gangster...and light-hearted. Any comic that can be super-depressing yet a joy to read is worth your cheddar! Don't get discouraged by the $3.99 price tag either, consider it an investment into a psychological goldmine.

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Brother Afron said...

Y'know I've heard talk about this book, but it never picked my interest since that talk was mostly "Oh my god! Buy it!" But this piece right here has me looking for some copies. Is a trade out yet? How many issues have dropped so far?

JRennoldz said...

4 issues have dropped so far and there isn't a trade....yet!

neo said...

the taxi part was PIFF! I'll check it out...

How long has it been out?

KangolLove said...

You know whenever Risso draws a character's sillouette outline, showing nothing but their teeth?

Am I the only one who finds that frightening?

Melanism said...

I had to drop it after one issue because I couldn't afford to add a new title at the time but I might have to go and pick up the trade becasue I was definately diggin Risso's Sin City-esque B&W style.

MR. MAJOR said...

Good post JR. Its good to see some non-mainstream stuff getting some shine. I'm going to have to check Chicanos out.