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What’s up, Legion heads? Here’s a link to the volume 4 covers. If I had enough computer savvy to do so, I’d put a pic of each cover with the corresponding story.


On to the show...

An Omnicom report lists 3 separate stories discussing the upcoming wedding of longtime Legion couple, Jo Nah (former Legionnaire, Ultra Boy) and Tinya Wazzo (former Legionnaire, Phantom Girl).

Science Police officers (the United Planets security & peacekeeping force) are tracking an unidentified girl on the planet of Rimbor (homeworld of Ultra Boy). A spy probe picks her up and she phases through a wall as the officers fire at her.

A Khund ambassador speaks with a Rimborian official. The Khund ambassador agrees to take out Rimborian smuggler Jo Nah in exchange for free reign to eradicate an unnamed Sklarian girl. The deal is accepted. The Science Police follow the girl into a strip club but lose her as she again phases through a wall.

On a Khund spaceship orbiting Rimbor, this girl is identified as Kono, a member of Jo Nah’s smuggling ring. The Khunds engage some sort of tracking device to locate her.

Back on Rimbor, the Science Police begin firing in the strip club, causing several casualties. They receive a transmission stating that certain specialists are being sent in to handle Kono. They are instructed to say that the shootings happened after they left the area. Kono seemingly escapes into some underground tunnels and heads toward her headquarters. Unknown to her, 2 shadowy figures follow her in hopes that she will lead them to their other target.

A commercial is shown for Silverale, a beverage strictly controlled by the Rimborian government and bootlegged by Jo Nah and his smuggling operation. Jo Nah is in his living quarters with a female associate named Ginny. He tells her that the government pressure on his operation is heating up. As Ginny leaves, Kono arrives. Outside, Ginny is pulled into a dark alley by the 2 figures following Kono. Ginny reveals Jo Nah’s location after being tortured and is subsequently killed.

Lydda Jath (Rokk Krinn’s pregnant wife) and his friend, Loomis, discuss the impending reorganization of the Legion, spearheaded by Rokk & Cham.

The shadowy 2 figures arrive at Jo Nah’s headquarters and set off an explosion in order to kill Jo nah, Kono and anyone else in the building. However, Jo Nah survives due to the fact that he does not drop his invulnerability. With some help from Kono, Jo Nah is able to defeat these foes.
On earth, Shvaughn Erin, Science Police Officer and former girlfriend of Jan Arrah (Legionnaire Element Lad) relaxes after a long day at work. She receives flowers with a card signed "Dirk." A woman identified as Circe is using her probe to scour for dirt on Shvaughn Erin but her record is spotless. Circe leaves the room and walks in on her lover, Dirk Morgna (former Legionnaire Sun Boy), as he is trying to contact Shvaughn Erin. Dirk quickly hangs up.

Jo Nah returns to the site of his now destroyed home and recovers a memento that reads, "L.L.L. (Long Live the Legion) Rokk."

In the dark room from last issue, a still unidentified man talks to himself using several different voices.

An OmniCom report from 2991 states that the Science Police officially declared Phantom Girl dead. She disappeared travelling back to Earth from her other-dimensional homeworld of Bgtzl.


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JRennoldz said...

Ahh yes, Legion names are the bestiss! Rokk, Limbo, Jo Nah, Cham, Rorna Torna...all classic!

A strip joint shootout? Consider it copped!