Monday, January 09, 2006


W’sup? I guess I can go ahead and get it started…

LSH v4 #1 opens up 5 years after the end of the Magic Wars.

A commercial plays on television advertising a special program chronicling the rise and fall of the Legion of Super Heroes, narrated by Dirk Morgna (former Legionnaire, Sun Boy). The channel changes to a news program detailing the arrest of anti-government terrorists believed to be in league with the Khunds (a warlike race often at odds with the United Planets). The raid was aimed at capturing Universo (an old Legion foe).

The channel changes again to an interview with the aforementioned Dirk Morgna. He’s mentions his pleasure at serving as EarthGov liaison (EarthGov is the planetary government entity for Earth in the 30th century). However, he points out Brek Bannin (former longtime Legion sub & short term Legionnaire, Polar Boy) as an example of how the Legion has outlived its usefulness.
The television turns off and a hooded figure states that its time to tend to his father’s other dream. Speaking to his probe (a blue humanoid construct that serves as a long distance communicator/information source/assistant), he asks for a connection to Marla and reveals himself to be Reep Daggle (former Legionnaire Chameleon Boy). Marla’s probe informs him that Mr. Daggle is re-embarking on his quest.

Rokk Krinn (Legion founding member, Cosmic Boy) wakes from a nightmare in which he and a friend are caught in some sort of vicious attack. He greets his pregnant wife (Lydda Jath, former Legion sub, Night Girl) and asks her about leaving his homeworld of Braal, where they are currently located. She refuses and comforts him in the wake of the Legion collapse.
Rokk leaves home to visit an old war buddy named Loomis. As he heads towards Loomis’ place, Rokk laments the poor conditions on Braal. He approaches a military checkpoint and on a nearby wall are scrawled the words "Venado Bay" in what Rokk realizes is human blood. This triggers a flashback to the same vicious attack from his nightmare. The guard breaks Rokk’s concentration and notes that Rokk’s papers give him the run of the whole planet.

The scene shifts to a detention shuttle docking with another ship. The prisoner is identified as Salu Digby (former Legionnaire Shrinking Violet), a field commander of the Imsk Occupational Army (Imsk is her home planet, where everyone has the ability to shrink to microscopic levels). She meets with a general who offers her an honorable discharge id she agrees to keep quiet about Venado Bay. She refuses to do so but is freed anyway with a dishonorable discharge. She sends a message to Ayla Ranzz (former Legionnaire (Light Lass/Lightning Lass) and tells her that she’s heading to the Ranzz plantation on the planet Winath (home planet of Light Lass & her brother Lightning Lad).

On Braal, Rokk & Loomis discuss the dangers of living on Braal and Rokk’s wife’s refusal to leave. Loomis wanders off to grab some food and Rokk is approached by Chameloen Boy. Loomis converses with Chameleon’s probe and mentions that Rokk no longer has his magnetic abilities (which are native to the people of Braal). Chameleon Boy tells Rokk that there are Braalians with as much skill in their magnetic abilities as Rokk ever had. What Chameleon needs is for Rokk to return as the heart & soul of the Legion. Rokk has a flashback to day when Rokk, Garth Ranzz (former Legionnaire Lightning Lad) and Imra Ardeen, (former Legionnaire, Saturn Girl) saved galactic entrepreneur R.J. Brande from assassination, leading to the formation of the Legion. Rokk asks Cham how he plans on getting him off Braal since he has such a high profile. Cham mentions that not all Imskians are above bribery and that Rokk’s wife will settle on her home world of Kathoon with Loomis watching her.

In a dark room, 2 voices converse. One voice tells the other that he and his organization are ready to assist the other voice in resuming his mission.

Marbles’ Note - The McCauley Omnicom is what I would refer to as the 30th century internet. It provides information & news to its readers. LSH vol. 4 often ended its issues with various articles of note from the Omnicoms.

3 Omnicom reports detail the fall of the United Planets economy in 2989, the efforts of Earth President Wellington to disband the Legion in 2990 and Polar Boy’s letter disbanding the Legion in 2992.

A commercial is shown for Flight Ring Village. It’s the latest in state-of-the-art living for downtown Metropolis. The former Legion headquarters has been remade into condominiums.


JRennoldz said...

Another very informative piece Marbles; I am really enjoying your lessons.

I'm curious to see how and why DC retconned out these things for the latest volume. Cosmic Boy was a dad?

This new Legion comes off as a total reinvention of the characters and concept, is it?

The LOSH has the coolest character names in comics.

My Legion name would be Falz Brikk and I'd hail from the planet Paynt. I'd be that shady ass dude chilling in the shadows...

To all PTP heads:
What would your Legion name be? Come on, nerd out!

Marbles said...

Yep, the current Legion is a revamp of the characters and it appears that it has little or no connection to any of the previous versions.

LSH vol.4 #4-5 set up a new Legion history, separated from the connections to Superman, Superboy or Supergirl. It's not quite a reboot but they fixed some of the history to comply with the post-Crisis Superman rules.

Then, they rebooted the book after Zero Hour. Started from scratch. That went on for a while until the current reboot. And that's one of my complaints with the current team. We pick up right in the middle of their existance.

invisiblist said...

my LOSH name woulda probably be something like DeeCee Haazno Kahntinooity.

JRennoldz said...

Invisiblist: Bwahahahahaha! But seriously, is that a bad thing?

Marbles: Are you saying this current version is nothing *new* but a continuation of the "Post-Zero Hour" one?

Now I can understand why long time LOSH heads are pissed. It seems like the Legion is always rebooted (in some shape or form) with every relaunch; this one obviously wasn't...or was it?

I can't hate on this version because it is my first foray into Legion lore but come to think of it, it was kind of thrust upon us.

I hope we get a backstory on the formation of the team or something similar in the future.

And to complicate matters worse, there are rumors that the OYL stuff is really going to alter the
Legion's history.

Damn, my eyes are now opened.

Thanks man.

Marbles said...

JR: The names are the same but there are a few minor changes. (For instance, Star Boy's powers are the same but he has never been black).

This is definitely not a continuation of Zero Hour. In fact, I think that they rebooted once between Zero Hour & the current Legion. That makes this the 3rd attempt.

I don't want to hate on brand new readers. I'm glad that they have a starting point where they can get into the book and build interest.

Maybe the post-Crisis adjustments will explain what's going on. I'm going to be patient and try to get into this version of the book for what it is.

AFKAP of Darkness said...

I'm curious to see how and why DC retconned out these things for the latest volume. Cosmic Boy was a dad?

well, for one thing i'd say one of the major reasons was that the Legionnaires just got too old and too far away from their original concept of super-powered teenagers.

i can actually see the need to press the restart button to make the Legion young again. it's sorta the same impulse that led to the creation of Ultimate Spider-Man.

Marbles said...

Good call on the Legion reboots being similar to the creation of the Ultimate/All-Star lines. That's one of the big problems that I have with the those concepts. To me, it dilutes the original.